Visionary Circle Honor Roll

Thanks to financial support from Visionary Circle members—imbued with their love and a belief in a brighter future—IONS will continue to bring rigorous science together with the timeless wisdom of intuition, the heart, and the inner life of soul and spirit.

Visionary Circle Members have provided for the Institute of Noetic Sciences beyond their lifetimes. When you make a planned gift to IONS, you join a distinguished group of IONS members who have thoughtfully expressed their long-term commitment to the Institute by making a bequest or other planned gift. Please consider joining these members:

Anonymous (20) Estate of Hal Herreman* Pieter Noomen
Anonymous* (5) Sandra Heywood, Ph.D* Sherry Noone
Estate of Stuart Abelson* Lydia Hicks Estate* Estate of Hope Norton*
Anne Adams Anne Highland* Linda O’Bryant
Richard & Connie Adams Patricia Hill* Jan Ogren
Carole H. Angermeir Dr. Marcia A. Hillary Colleen O’Harra
Doug Arkett Estate* Heather Hilton Marjorie Paul*
Peter & Alison Baumann Sandra & Charles Hobson Cindy Pedersen
Bruce & Helen Bennett* Joan Ashley Hodgell Estate* Gael Perrin
Ray Benton Family Fund* Margery Hoggard* Dan Petersen
Douglas J. Binzak Elsie Holden Fund* Patricia Beck Phillips
Richard L. Bishop Edwin C. Holloway Colleen Porter
Tahdi Blackstone Mrs. Gail Howell Jean A. Pritchard
Tom Bliss & Debby Jackson-Bliss Reed and Marge Jacob Bruce & Nancy Roberts
Margaret Briggs David A. Jewell Bruce & Nancy Roberts
Charles Brush* Katherine S. Kaiser Mavis Roberts Estate*
Ron Buck Bill & Betti Kalahurka Edward Robinson
Donald E. Burchardt* Myrna Katz Marius Robinson
David Burt Jacqui Kaufman Jon Rodden
Tom & Lisa Butler Dr. Margaret A. Kaufmann Barbara E. Rohde
Trisha & Bert Campbell George Kemnitz Elizabeth C. Rone*
Eleonore E. Caracciolo Paul J. Kersten Trust* Robert and Margaret Root Family*
Joan & John Casey Dr. Sumedha M. Khanna Jakob Rosing
Arthur Chapman Mr. James Knight Estate of Alison Ruedy*
Joanie Ciardelli Dottie K. Koontz Claire H. Russell
Rita Clark Michael and Ina Korek* Frank Salak*
Maryjane Cleary* Barbara Kornas Marilyn Saunders*
Carol R. Cole Dorothy A. Lander* Dr. Jack Sawyer
Virginia Collier* Luther O. Larson* Elinor Scherl*
Suzanne Connor Joy Lasseter Bob Schimel
Julia Cordill Ingrid LeBlanc Fred Segal
Diana Cornelius Calvin and Marilyn LeHew Mara Senese & Trygve Depuis
Michelle Cortright Helen Leigh Thomas H. Sharp Family Trust*
Marguerite Craig* Judith Morley Levitan* Gayatri Margaret Shilbert*
Mr. Stephen Curtiss Lynet Kay Lingenfelter* Charles & Andrea Silverstein
John & Ruth Decou Walter Link Christiane Singer
Carla V.R. Delray Estate* Dr. Ruth Lofgren* Mary Lou Skinner Ross Estate*
Mari Diffley Bert & Jane Lucas David and Dee Smith
Luanne Donnadio Estate of Norma E Mallin* Marybeth Smith*
LuAnne Dowling* The Margie Fund* Judi Stauffer & Rick Hubbard
Kathleen Erickson Forder Lou Marincovich Dr. Helen L. Stewart
Barbara Felt Estate* Melissa Marosy Estate of Barbara W. Stewart*
Anna Ferraro Jeanie Marshall Dr. Marian R. Stuart
Adelaide Finseth Bette Martin Elaine Swain*
Raymond & Susan Fix Mrs. Dawn Martin Bart & Pamela Swain
Kathy & Gary Flynn Austin & Ruth Marx Dr. Elsa M. Swyers
John F. Forkner* Diane Mason J. Kay Tormey
Shirley A. Freriks Teddy McCartney* Dr. Annette M. Vaillancourt*
Barbara A. Gagliardo George & Karen McCown Eldon Keith Van Vliet
Nancy Garbett Adele McDowell Linda Vollstedt
Helena Garvin James R. McKnight Janet Walden
Helen W. Geiger Deanna & Robert McMain Elizabeth Walker & Leo Masiero
Dr. Edward Gelardin Barbara McNeill* Elizabeth R. Wallmann-Filley
Jane Hughes Gignoux Barbara Menzel Ian & Victoria Watson
C. Lawson Graffin* Christy G. Michaels Albert G. Wilson Family Trust*
Denis Greene Deborah Miller & Gerald Gowan Barry Wolfer
Maurice & Margaret Griffel* Maxwell Milton & Joan Bird Dr. Frederick B. Wood, Jr.
Patricia L. Haas Devaa Haley Mitchell Ben Young*
Esther Vera Mae Knopp Hamel Trust* Edgar Mitchell* Zsuzsanna Zborovszky
May M. Harding* Steve and Brooke Moeller George Zimmer
Richard and Nancy Haskin Sharon Nash
Drs. Michael and Mary Havercamp Linda S. Naylor *Deceased
Jane A Herrberg Estate* Mrs. Carol L. Nicholson

In Memory

We celebrate the sacred intentions of our legacy contributors who have graced IONS with their financial treasure. We celebrate their life, we witness their sacred intentions, and we bless them deeply for providing abundance for IONS. Their gift will live on, leaving a legacy that ensures the quality programs IONS has produced and supported since 1973 will continue to enrich the lives of future generations.

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