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IONS brings together experts across domains to unlock the mysteries of reality.

At the Forefront of Consciousness Research

Each one of our scientists and fellows are experts in their domains including physics, molecular biology, computer science and engineering, neuroscience, psychophysiology, and clinical research. As a group, we have published over 300 peer-reviewed papers read by hundreds of thousands of people and have presented our research findings at hundreds of conferences internationally.

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Rigorous Research, Profound Possibilities

Noetic sciences provide a framework through which we can gain a more holistic understanding of ourselves and our world. As a result, we gain a deeper, fuller perspective – discovering new solutions to age-old problems for ourselves, society, and our future.

IONS Discovery Lab

Through our direct-experience laboratory, we study and measure the effects of noetic experiences and practices on well-being, innovation, and extended human capacities.

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Our moonshot: unlocking the mechanisms of how our mind influences the physical world, creating breakthroughs towards robust, reliable, repeatable applications.

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