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To further our scientific research, we often invite individuals like you to participate in our research and experiments.

Exceptional Healers Pilot Study

Do you suffer from carpal tunnel pain? Would you like a FREE energy healing session?

If YES, and you are an adult age 18 or older, this pilot study may be for you!

The purpose of the study is to evaluate energy medicine healing practices and the possibility of alleviating carpal tunnel pain.

  • The study takes place at the IONS campus in Petaluma, CA and consists of two visits, three weeks apart, to complete the healing session with a professional energy medicine practitioner, evaluation tests, and surveys.
  • The tests include nerve conduction, biological markers of inflammation, and well-being, as well as pain questionnaires taken before and after the healing session.
  • After completing your second visit, you will receive a $200 gift card as a THANK YOU for helping us investigate the potential of energy medicine healing practices.

If you would like to participate, please email the research assistant with the subject line “Exceptional Healers Pilot Study” or call 415.322.9442 to get signed up.

Missing Photon Study

The purpose of the study is to learn more about how focusing attention may influence physical reality. When a light photon travels from point A to point B, can the mind influence its path in any way? If so, in what specific, repeatable way is it being influenced?

We are looking for 30 people who meditate regularly, can read, and are not claustrophobic in small spaces (the room is 10 by 10). This study consists of a one-time session at our EarthRise campus in Petaluma, California, that lasts approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes and includes:
IDL survey (~25 min)

  • A 4-channel EEG recording during a meditation exercise (~2 min)
  • The experimental task where participants are instructed to focus their attention on a laser beam with real-time visual feedback on a screen (20 min).
  • The experimental control condition where participants are instructed to read a book in the same room (20 min).

For your participation you will receive a paperback copy of Entangled Minds by IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin, PhD.

Spiritual Competencies Project

The vast majority of mental health training does not include anything about spirituality, even though we know that spiritual/religious beliefs and practices are central to psychological and emotional well-being.

IONS is conducting research to help us learn more about the training that most mental health professionals receive. Our goal is to develop and disseminate more holistic curriculum to mental health practitioners.

Got Psi?

Many people have had precognitive dreams or successful intuitive hunches and ask themselves: Do I have psychic or psi abilities?

GotPsi is a simple way to explore these abilities through a suite of psi tests based on techniques similar to those used in more formal laboratory experiments. The tests are fun (and valid) and you’ll get immediate feedback about your performance. There are also various “Halls of Fame” where you can compare your performance with others.

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