Exploring Our Interconnected Universe

We conduct scientific research on the most profound mysteries of human existence.

Our research goal: a deeper understanding of the true nature of reality

Since 1973, IONS is at the forefront of the scientific investigation of consciousness and its role in our lives and the physical world. Through intensive research and groundbreaking experimentation, we explore the interconnection between personal, inner space and the “outer space” of our shared reality.

Rigorous Research, Profound Possibilities

A lens through which we gain a more holistic understanding of ourselves and our world – discovering new solutions to age-old problems for ourselves, society, and our future.


Through our direct-experience laboratory, we investigate the effects of noetic experiences and practices on well-being, innovation, and extended human capacities.

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Our moonshot: unlocking the mechanisms of how our mind influences the physical world, creating breakthroughs towards robust, reliable, repeatable applications.

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Explore Our Experiments

From studying mind-matter interactions, to advancing the field of collective consciousness, to identifying mechanisms of energy healing, to finding out how we can extend our human capacities, our research empirically investigates the most profound questions of our time.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Explore why meditation is beneficial to your health, what clairvoyant people have in common, and other intriguing findings in our extensive library of peer-reviewed papers.

Meet Our Scientists

As experts in physics, molecular biology, neuroscience, computer science and engineering, psychophysiology, and clinical research, we work together to conduct cutting-edge research on consciousness and its role in the physical world.


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