Internship Opportunities

Our NextGen Initiative hosts a vibrant internship program at IONS, giving college students and young professionals opportunities to work with the our science and programs teams. Interns gain valuable training and work experience while also contributing their gifts and talents toward IONS’ mission.

Internships May Involve:

  • Background research/literature reviews
  • Data management and analysis
  • Academic manuscript preparation
  • Social media/blogging
  • Community member relations
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Curriculum development
  • Creating presentations in Prezi and PowerPoint
  • Filing and scanning archival material


General: Excellent writing, verbal, and computer skills. The ability to receive guidance and then work independently is essential. Specialized qualifications may be required for specific projects.

Additional qualifications for Research Interns: Familiarity with data management and/or analysis, statistical analysis, and understanding the general process of scientific research.

IONS internships are unpaid. IONS does not provide assistance in securing housing for those coming from out of the area nor travel to and from campus. When lunches are available for staff, interns can also partake in our delicious, farm-to-table lunch as part of their time with us.

Internship Agreement

Interns are assigned a mentor/supervisor from the science team and typically a specific project to work on. Interns are asked to commit to a specific number of hours each week (usual range is 3-20 hours). The initial internship period of 3 months but this may be renewed at the discretion of the supervisor. There are intern opportunities to work at our campus in Petaluma, California or remotely online.

IONS will contact applicants if we are considering them for a position.


Please email our internship coordinator.

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Research Intern Experiences

My internship at IONS has allowed me to grow as a scholar by helping me develop essential research skills. Working closely under well-established researchers exposed me to the nuts and bolts of conducting research on diverse revolutionizing projects. I was blessed with plenty of exciting opportunities that vary from participating in experiments and developing surveys to assisting in innovative workshops. The mentors I have at IONS though very eminent are approachable and more than willing to assist. Thanks to IONS, I have developed a clear academic path and was given the tools needed to be more efficient in studying unconventional topics, developing professional relationships and thinking creatively.Roman Gallardo, IONS Research Intern

Working as in intern for IONS was an invaluable experience. As an intern in 2016 I worked under Dr. Helané Wahbeh creating multiple surveys for her research focusing on individuals who possess clair-senses and extra human abilities. In addition, I had the opportunity to collect data for a literature review which explored the nature of channeling in human history. This internship was an eye-opening experience and shifted my prior view on the limitations on empirical research. My personal experience with meditation and addictions counseling had shown me that there is an interconnection between all things; working at IONS I was able to explore these connections from a pragmatic lenses using hard science (no fluff!). Ultimately my yearlong internship led to a yearlong contracted position as a Research Assistant where I continued to work under Dr. Helané Wahbeh on two studies. This was a profound opportunity that drastically changed the trajectory of my career (I have decided to go to graduate school for MA in Psychology). The research being done on human consciousness at IONS is truly extraordinary and I feel honored to have been a part of it.Melissa Nelson, BA, CATC-III
Former Intern and RA at IONS 2016-2018

As a research intern at IONS, I was able to work on thought provoking projects and gain experience assisting at every level of the scientific process. I feel that I developed a deeper understanding of challenges that accompany research on cutting-edge topics that question social and scientific conventions. Interacting with many inspiring, free-thinking, eminent scientists in and through the IONS network has expanded my mind and advanced my ability to suspend bias, think radically and creatively, and more effectively explore the unknown.Joey Burnett, IONS Research Intern

Interning at IONS is an interesting and rewarding experience. Working with passionate and visionary pioneers in the study and application of consciousness provides opportunities for deepening my personal understanding while exploring new developments in the field. During my time as an intern I was fortunate to work with Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, on a consciousness and healing article for The Kaiser Permanente Nursing Journal. I worked closely with Katia Petersen, PhD, and the education team as IONS launched Worldview Explorations™. I also participated in a few experiments in the lab!Elizabeth Valentina, IONS Research Intern

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