Noetic Global Gatherings

Noetic Global Gatherings are a series of free online webinars and discussion groups for noetic seekers worldwide.

For Noetic Explorers Across the Globe

These live, online gatherings feature presentations about cutting-edge noetic research and transformative education from our scientists, educators, and partners. At the conclusion of each presentation, there is opportunity for Q&A with the presenter, then attendees will have an opportunity to break into small discussion groups with noetic explorers from around the world to share their own perspective and hear from others.

Everyone is welcome to join interactive webinars that take place every-other month. They are a great way to dive more deeply into the study of frontier noetic topics, have inspiring direct experiences, and to connect with a community of passionate consciousness explorers from around the world! We envision this series as an a online gathering place for the entire IONS community to experience shared inquiry around mind-blowing and profound topics.

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A Taste of Conscious Aging


IONS Conscious Aging Facilitators
Marc Blesoff and Evalina Everidge

April 18, 2019
11:00 AM (Pacific)

Our last third of life is a time full of opportunity for growth. Yet, in our youth-obsessed cultures, many of us experience anxieties about growing older. Our fear and denial can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Join us for an experiential hour to explore shifting our consciousness away from self-limitation, lack, isolation, and fear and toward expansiveness, inclusiveness, wholeness, connection, and compassion.

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Join us July 18-21, 2019 in Santa Clara, CA for the world’s largest conversation on noetic sciences and its impact on our culture and our world. Learn about our upcoming conference, explore speakers and their talks, and see how you can participate.

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