Future of Meditation Research

Expert recommendations for expanding research on the science of contemplation.


Rich Opportunities for Forefront Research

Our Future of Meditation Research course brings you a series of recorded presentations from leading meditation researchers that will teach and train learners to conduct meditation research with an expanded set of domains, concepts, and protocols.

This course is a component of the Future of Meditation Research project. Led by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a task force of meditation researchers and teachers developed recommendations for expanding the current meditation research field to include important yet often neglected topics, including experiences of oneness and interconnectedness; samadhis and siddhis; shakti and kundalini energies; karma, past-life recall and reincarnation experiences; visions, synchronicities, precognition, extra-sensory perception; experiences of God, deities, and other non-physical entities.

Some researchers view some of the topics reviewed in this course as not being amenable to scientific investigation, or inherently “unscientific.” We disagree. While some of these domains are unconventional and potentially controversial, they are common, important to people, and can be subjected to rigorous scientific investigation.

These arenas represent largely uncharted scientific terrain and provide excellent opportunities for both new and experienced researchers. In this course, over 20 leading scientists in the field of meditation research provide suggestions for future directions, and further reading and resources for deeper exploration.

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Online Self-study Course

Designed for new and existing meditation researchers, and anyone interested in the science of meditation, this course shares theories and hypotheses, measures and protocols, and suggestions for new or understudied lines of inquiry.

This online self-study course consists of 14 chapters and six interviews (for a total of 10 hours of video), each including a supplemental reading list for the topic, and an optional quiz. A certificate of completion is available for those who complete the quizzes with passing marks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to dig into some of the most extensive research on the effects of meditative practices!

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