EarthRise Retreat Center

An Outer Space for Inner Exploration

Close to San Francisco and far from ordinary, EarthRise offers a sacred space where ancient and modern wisdom meet.

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Welcome to a space wholly dedicated to your transformation.

Teachers, artists, and leaders from around the world come here to host nourishing, reinvigorating, transformational events. Extraordinary in its beauty, IONS EarthRise Campus reverberates with the energy of the land and the wisdom of those who’ve inhabited it for centuries.

Pairing modern amenities with picturesque surroundings, our experiential retreat center offers an ideal space to teach, learn, and grow. Walk our labyrinth, meet in our oak grove, and let the serenity of the landscape enhance your experience. Once you feel the power of EarthRise, you’ll know why our guests return time and again.

Bring Your Group

Surround your guests with unforgettable natural beauty in a comfortable, modern environment. Only 30 miles from San Francisco, our Petaluma location is easily accessible while offering a peaceful, contemplative, uplifting experience filled with wildlife and natural beauty.

Attend a Workshop

Expand your mind and light up your soul. Choose from dozens of transformational events held by renowned teachers, facilitators, and researchers from across the globe. Or join an IONS event hosted by our community of scientists, thought leaders, and facilitators to learn about and experience our groundbreaking noetic research.

Plan Your Stay

Find out everything you need to know to enjoy a comfortable and rejuvenating time with us. Learn about our amazing meals, hot tub, hiking trails, and more. If it’s your first time staying with us, please read our driving directions and packing list.

Honoring Our Earth

At the top of a sunny, oak-laden hill, EarthRise resides on land that has been considered sacred for generations. Once home to the Miwok tribe of the San Francisco Bay, the land brims with life, from the canopies of trees to the local deer, birds of prey, and long-eared rabbits. We are committed to continue the legacy of respect for, and harmony with, this sacred place.

Rocket Fuel for Your Workshop

Whether you’re leading a workshop, facilitating a business meeting, or guiding an organizational retreat, IONS Discovery Lab can evaluate the outcomes of the experience through a robust scientific assessment. Let us help you understand – and expand – the impact of your offering.

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We’re here to help you plan a meaningful and regenerative retreat at EarthRise.

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