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Benefit Dinner

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The Noetic Breakthrough: An IONS Benefit Dinner

Saturday Evening

Weaving Scientific Exploration and Personal Discovery for a Future that Works for All

The Institute of Noetic Sciences serves as a beacon for the future, calling forth the highest in each of us to work towards a world that honors the interplay of science and spirit, and seeks to infuse this awareness into everyday life. What’s your role to play in creating this future?

As the world is tempted to slip back into old fear-based paradigms of separation and divisiveness, there can be nothing more important than providing people with direct experiences of our interconnection, scientific evidence for that connection, tools for harnessing it to create real-world solutions, and a community of support to help us stand strong.

Join us in co-creating a more compassionate, thriving and sustainable future!

The Noetic Breakthrough: An IONS Benefit Dinner is your opportunity to hear about the bold vision IONS has as it heads towards its 50th anniversary, and run shoulders with IONS Board Members, Leadership, Scientists, and Conference Speakers.

Reception:  6:00 – 6:45 p.m.
Dinner & Program:  6:45 – 7:30 p.m.
Dessert & Mingling:  7:30 – 8:00 p.m.

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Aligning Your Resources with Your Values

Our work at IONS supports individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, multi-generational education programs, and engagement with our global community. Through your generous donations, you can align your resources with your values and create a more conscious, interconnected world. Amidst a weekend of awe and inspiration, technology and transformation, we are excited to have you move into action with us.

Seating for this benefit dinner is limited. This event is open to the public, so please invite your family, friends, and colleagues who care about consciousness and our future. You can purchase tickets to the dinner when you register for the conference, or you may register for the dinner only if you cannot attend the conference.

Your $125 ticket covers the cost of the evening, and there will be an invitation to contribute to the work of IONS.

For questions, please contact Christie Larson via email or call 707.779.8215.

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