Meet Our Board

Pictured left to right: Azim Khamisa (Vice Chair), Liz Huntington (Secretary), Stacey Lawson, Michael Potts (Treasurer), Claire LaChance (CEO), Claudia Welss (Board Chair), Paulina Yampolsky, Linda O’Bryant, Richard Cohn, Calvin Lehew. Not pictured: George Zimmer, Harriett Crosby, David Dominik, Cassandra Vieten (President), Johnny Calvert (CFO).

Board of Directors

Life Directors

Carole Angermeir

Richard Bishop

Sandra Hobson

Lou Leeburg

Tamas Makray

Payne Middleton

Fred Segal

Lynne Twist

Judith Skutch Whitson

Peter Baumann

Elizabeth “Betsy” Gordon

Jim Jensen

Martha Lyddon

Austin Marx

Bruce & Nancy Roberts

Diane Temple

Ian & Victoria Watson

William Whitson

Get to Know Our Scientists

As experts in physics, molecular biology, neuroscience, computer science and engineering, psychophysiology, and clinical research, we work together to conduct cutting-edge research on consciousness and its role in the physical world.

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